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Aspen Hawthorne ( WI P )

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Aspen Hawthorne ( WI P )

Post by Aspen Hawthorne on Thu Oct 27, 2016 7:35 pm

aspen hawthorne
nineteen | she,her | heroes | e.toubia

HOMETOWN: Brooklyn, New York
OCCUPATION: Law Student at Hudson University and Central City Vigilante
BIRTHDAY: November 30, 1996
ALLIANCE/FACTION: Young Vigilantes of America  and SHIELD

HAIR STYLE: Aspen's hair is rather long and contains some curls in it and is rather wavy.
BODY TYPE: Slim and Has some muscle

OTHER DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: She has a couple tattoos on her for her family. One for her older brother, and a couple rune ones. She also wears glasses, and has some scars from martial arts, and some fights she would get into.

CLOTHING STYLE: Aspen can be seen in anything from shorts, tank tops, or a pair of tight jeans, combat boots, a t shirt, and a bomber jacket, truly anything she will get her hands on, and sometimes will wear college shirts. Since she has no sense, and aside from her vigilante status, she tries to live the normal life of a college student.

Aspen is described as a girl on fire, and often can be mistaken as crazy. Since she is basically someone who does everything in her power, and cares deeply about people. But she rarely shows it and often tries to show no emotion. Even though sometimes it feel, and after her older brother's death tries to not care too easily.

Aside from that, she is very smart, and is often described as someone who is too intelligent for her age. Even though sometime she prefers to

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Aspen Hawthorne

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