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Maya Rayne

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Maya Rayne

Post by Maya Rayne on Thu Oct 27, 2016 1:15 pm

Maya Raune
twenty-eight | female | member group

Physical Description

Hair Color: Blonde

Hair Style: Loose, Bit of curly

Eye Color: Blue

Body Type: Slim

Height: 5'6"

Other Distinguishing Features: Her ears are pierced.

Clothing Style: Wears everything that is in fashion.


She is kind and friendly young woman She is very clever one. She is very creative person too, she likes to draw a lot for sure. It's one of way she shows her creativity. She is very hardworking and also she likes to study about different things for sure, she loves learning. She isn't really the bravest one out there but she tries. She could be bit of stubborn at times.

Maya was born as first and only child to George and Adeline Rayne. When girl was just only three years old girl her father left the family, she doesn't know about reason still. May doesn't remember much about father nowadays, no idea what he does now or where he lives.

After that, Maya's life wasn't same anymore. Adeline needed to work harder for getting food on the table. Adel was just a nurse at a hospital. Years passed and Maya saw her mother less and less at home.

When the girl was nine her mother died because of cancer. In this point, girl had basically lost both of her parents. The only relative was aunt Alicia with who Maya needed to go to live with now. To be honest at first they didn't get along very well, mostly because aunt was from her father side, not a mother.

Few years passed and Maya began to get along with Alicia. They were never really close but the girl went for help to her or asked advice at times. Aunt had her own family too actually. Maya's cousins didn't really like her being there actually. She never gets close with them for sure.

When high school was finally graduated she was glad that now it's time to go away from this house, where she isn't really welcomed. Time to go to the College.

In college May learned about Marine Biology, next to her main course she did take bit more of chemistry, physics and some more classes. Most of her college bill was paid from aunt but needed to earn some money herself too. Because of it needed to have a job next to the college, which wasn't that easy. At first worked as a waitress in a local cafe. At some point got a job in Central City Aquarium in her last year of college.

After College decided to keep working there as Marine Biologist. This was what she had learned to become anyways. Now being a young woman, she has never really dated much. Few crushes here and there. Loves to be single actually. Owns her own small apartment and is happy with the life she has.

Awhile the particle accelerator malfunctions happen Maya was working as a normal person in Aquarium. She had work hours and she didn't wanna skip them. She was in the water fixing the pool for new polar habitat animals, because of its water was cold there. But suddenly this blast came and well at first was the water cold and then later on hot. For some unknown reason, Maya didn't really die even if she ended up in the hospital for a couple of weeks, she was in a coma for a while.

When woke up she felt different at first wasn't sure but weird things began to happen around her with water. At times it was way too cold or then it was boiling. A few days later Maya got out of the hospital since doctors didn't find anything wrong with her. Weird things with water began to happen and at some point realised she can manipulate the water.

Learned to control it after that slowly her own ways. May kept her job but at first asked some personal time off, needed to control her water powers before goes back to the work. Now when controls powers, she is back at work. Does everything can and at times uses water manipulation skills.


Water (can heat up the water, can make it become ice or cold or even freeze it. Can take the water from pond/lake/sea etc and do something with it. Can make whirpools. - That's what she have learned so far can be more)

KRISSU - 22 - GMT+3 - PM/SKYPE(If you know)
Maya Rayne

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